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Pipes and Related Products – we supply HDPE, PP, U-PVC, M-PVC and steel pipes as well as all the fittings for these pipes. We also do manufacturing of special fittings and manifolds on high density polyethylene, polypropylene and steel pipes. We are fully mobile and do site work on all piping and installation. We have machinery to do – butt welding from 63mm to 1000mm, Electro fusion welding up to 1000mm, extrusion welding to weld sheets of HDPE, PP, PVC and any other related products.

As we all know, South Africa has a unique economic climate which demands more commitment from companies who wishes to unlock this great potential that awaits each and every one of us out there. As the South African economy grows so too does the need to expand and share our expertise with other emerging companies and markets so that all our citizens within this great nation can be afforded the same opportunity to uplift themselves and those around them.


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With all this in mind it is absolutely vital that companies within South Africa embrace this broader vision and integrates it with all the other qualities and values that makes our country unique to ensure that the products or services that is delivered not only meets and better international and local standards, but has also the landmark feel of a proud South African.

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